Craig Martelle and I talk about the business of writing Session 1

What's in store for you! Session 1

while back I published a post on the mistakes people make when setting up an indie publishing business it was an excerpt from “The Business Owner’s Compendium”.  The blog went viral, and while that’s great, the most pleasing result of it was Craig Martelle, best-selling author reached out to discuss the topic me.

We hit it off, could have been that in past lives we were both consultants, or we both had worked in the oil and gas industry but what I think the connection was our common views on the business of writing.

Craig and I are lucky, we have experience owningoperating and optimizing businesses, so when we started in self-publishing the business aspect was not challenging.  For many new authors, this business side of writing get’s overwhelming we saw there is a great opportunity for us to help the community by sharing what we know and helping those that want to learn a way to get the skills you need.

Here are some things to keep in mind;

The vast majority of businesses have revenues below 500k (~68%) and over 80% of businesses earn less than one million dollars of those businesses that majority of owners (over 80%) have had no formal business training.  You got into the business because love to do it, not to run a business.  The takeaway is you’re in the majority, not the minority when it comes to business skill sets.

All small business owners end up having to do the things they are not good at or detest doing.  These joy stealers can’t be avoided but you can minimize the suffering.

Here is the wind-up, Craig and I are doing a series of videos where we go through the ins and outs of the self-publishing business.

This is not a lead in for a course it’s just two guys discussing what they know and if you ask us questions and we don’t have an answer, we will reach out to our resources to get the answer.

So this is the first episode in a mile wide and an inch deep but we promise to drill into topics in the future.


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