The Business of Writing Cheat Sheet

At the 20 Books  Las Vegas Conference I facilitated a breakout session on the business of writing.  This session went far beyond what type of business charter you should use when incorporating and dove deep into how to build a robust business to support your exploitation of the golden age of content creation.

While I used the session to talk about the five areas of focus in a writers business I also provided a infograph on the levels of a author’s business and some suggestions as to what they may need to do to optimize the operation. (you can see a recap here)

Here is Business of Writing Cheat Sheet link to the cheat sheet.

business of writing cheat sheet
The Business of Writing Cheat Sheet
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The Business of Writing Cheat Sheet
Writers often ask "At what point should I incorporate?" this article includes an infograph showing the tiers of income and suggestions for what to do to build a solid indie publishing business.
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