Hi, my name is Joe Solari.  I am an entrepreneur, author and content creator. My mission is to help small business owners take control of their business so it works for them not the other way around.

Most business owners lose the joy of ownership because the job of running the business gets in the way of what they love to do.  I can teach you how to minimize the joy stealing time and increase the fun money making time.


I can also help them connect with the right buyers in deals that don’t have unnecessary transaction fees.    These types of deals have a higher probability to close and better economics for both the buyer and seller.  Feel free to reach out to me.



118 Ashland Avenue
River Forest Il, 60305


What I am most proud of is my family.  My wife Suze is originally from Portland Oregon. She is a leading stylist, fashion consultant and author of the T-shirt & Jeans Handbook an Amazon top 200,000 book.  My twin boys are avid gamers.

I grew up around Chicago.

I lived near Sydney Australia for four years.  While there I learned to SCUBA dive.

Education: I have a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and an MBA from ChicagoBooth School of Business.

I have owned and operated several businesses, I have raised over 21 million dollars in less than 18 months to fund an Oil & Gas start-up.

I started Middle-Marketplace to provide interested buyers and sellers a way to connect and develop a low-cost connection.  On the sell-side, Middle Market place provides processes and training to business owners on how to present their business to the market in an easy to understand way and to not get overwhelmed by the deal process.

On the buy-side we provide listings in the Buyer Directory  to connect with sellers and provide training on how to develop passive inbound leads to improve the results of your proprietary system.




Why am I out to disrupt the status quo?  It is pretty simple, I believe that the marketing and deal process for buying or selling a business is antiquated and inefficient.  Sellers can easily develop the marketing materials and learn about the types of buyers and deals available to sell a business on their own.

Sellers can easily develop the marketing materials and learn about the types of buyers and deals available to sell a business on their own.  If they can get to  80% of the results of an investment banker and save the 10% fee they will always have better economics.

Buyers have not done much to incorporated today’s digital and social marketing advances to foster direct relationships with buyers.

I have no animosity towards investment bankers and brokers I just look to give options to the marketplace.  While I believe over time the BYOIB system and Buyer Passive Marketing will become the obvious choice for the lower middle market and small businesses  deals there will always be the traditional options for selling your business.