The Business Owners compendium

What is the Business Owner's Compendium?

The book is a collection of tips, tools, and systems to help any business owner regardless of the size of the business they own, gain mastery over that business.

If you are just starting out you will learn how to set a solid foundation for scaling your business to the pinnacle of your vision.

The book is also for you if you’re trying to up the game and gather the skills you feel you lack.

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If you buy the paperback it includes the eBook so you can continue to get all the future updates.

What's So Special About The Book?

#1 The Evergreen Concept

To attract the best ideas from the business community I have challenged all readers to provide me with new tools or new ways to use the tools outlined in the book.  In future editions, I will update the book with those new tools.  The provider will get paid and all of us in the Business Owners Community will get new cool ideas.  I encourage you to send me any new concepts, ideas or testimonials as to how the book has impacted your business.  You will get credit and payment and all of the readers will get new helpful ideas and tools.

This comes at no additional cost.  future updates will be sent to all past purchases so early adopters will also have the latest content.

If you’re old school and love a hard copy book you get the ebook included in the purchase so that you can still get updates in the future.

#2 You Can Be a PAID Contributor

I don’t want to spoil the story behind the idea but the result is this – To make the evergreen concept work and to get more ideas that the ones I have I will pay contributors of ideas that get included in the book $5.  So if you pay the full price of $5.49 for the book and contribute a great idea you end up getting the book for $0.49 and you have lifetime access to an ever growing resource guide.

#3 A Ton of Worksheets, Files and Templates

Every file I talk about in the book is provided to you through a sign up on this website.  It’s part of your purchase, you get access to the same files I used to I raised 21 Million dollars in 18 months and run and operate that business.

You get pitchbook templates, and financial models all designed to dazzle potential investors.  It took years of blood sweat and tears to develop these files and you get them with the book.

You will get the Multi-variant Monte Carlo Simulator that takes your business assumptions and creates 50,000 random simulations to test your business ideas.  This tool alone will help you to get certainty of your plan and vaporize investor objections.




The first section of the book is designed to help those thinking about becoming a business owner how to frame the risks and rewards of business ownership.

If you already own a business you will still find this section helpful with it's data on business size demographics, detailed research into attrition and growth rate as well as how to capture the appropriate return for the risk you take as a business owner.

Being Your Own Boss

This chapter discusses the realities of ownership of a small business and discusses how to think and plan for self-employment.

Risk & Reward

This chapter discusses how to think about the risk of business ownership and then how to receive the appropriate reward for that risk.

  • Attrition Rate: What is it how is it measured and what does it mean to me
  • Growth Rate: How to think about and plan growth
  • Overconfidence Bias and how to protect against it
  • Return on Investment for your biggest investor -you
  • Determining Internal Rate of Return

Business Demographics

Where does your business fit into the over 16 million active businesses in the United States?  The chapter does a deep dive into the number and sizes of US businesses to give you a better understanding of your position in the ecosystem.  This information is also helpful if you plan to buy a business or franchise to have a feel for price.


There are more paths to ownership than you might know.  This chapter covers a wide range of ownership options and choices.  I cover different ways to become an owner other than the obvious one of starting a business from scratch and help you to understand how to explore these options and make them a reality.


You can get this part of the book for Free by downloading the book “Should I Incorporate?”  The chapter covers they types of charters and how to go about setting up the best structure for you and you planned business.  There is also all of the links to the State offices to charter a corporation so you can keep costs down and do a DIY incorporation.


"This is the business we've chosen..."

Hymen Roth, Godfather Part II

The second part of the book provides enough theory for you to grasp the need for a particular process or tool, then the "how to" of the tool or process to ignite immediate change. Each chapter offers basic to advanced techniques giving you an access point to the topic that you are comfortable with and then room to grow.

Written for the everyday business owners that are the foundation of our economy this section will deliver value today and long into the future.

Financial Command

Gaining financial command is critical for a business owner.  In this chapter, you will find a content that is designed to help you no matter where you are with your finances.  Here you will find the tools to begin your journey towards having total financial command of your business, knowing that your numbers are up to date, right and how to use the data to improve business results.

  • There are worksheets for moving from working from your checkbook to using an income statement and balance sheet.
  • I explore cloud-based accounting options
  • I provide a powerful tool called the 52 week cash flow that you can run your entire budgeting and operations from and know how healthy your business is week to week and out as far as 13 weeks.
  • Define common accounting terms for the layman
  • Building a cash producing business rather than cash consuming
  • Working capital: what is it and how to make the most of it!
  • Budgeting
    • For the business
    • For leaving your day job!

This one section will revolutionize your business and take someone with no financial experience and get them to a level where they can confidently talk to investors and present the numbers behind the idea.

Financing Your Business

All businesses require financing, it can be from you, the business or investors but there needs to be working capital to function.  This chapter explores all of the options for financing a business.

  • Capital Structures
  • In-depth explanations of the types of equity and debt
  • Detailed exploration of the most common means of funding a startup Credit Card Debt.
  • How to use your 401K to finance your start up
  • The pros & cons of the possible sources of debt and equity available to you
  • How to go about sourcing financing for growth and startup
  • The SBA and is it a real choice for you

When done you will have your eyes opened to the sources and ways to fund your business and be able to make educated choices as to the best way to finance your venture.

Ratios You Should Know

If numbers and ratios make your head spin this chapter will slow and eventually stop the tilt a whirl.  In the chapter, the most common ratios are explained as to how they can be used by you every day.

Productivity and Automation

This chapter provides you with tools and explanations about today’s business productivity tools that can help your business communicate better for less.  One of the greatest benefits of starting a business in the 21st Century is the low costs associated with looking and acting big in the market.  This chapter will help new businesses to keep costs down and older businesses to increase productivity and lower operating costs.


This chapter provides you with tools and explanations about today’s business productivity tools that can help your business communicate better for less.  One of the greatest benefits of starting a business in the 21st Century is the low costs associated with looking and acting big in the market.  This chapter will help new businesses to keep costs down and older businesses to increase productivity and lower operating costs.


This is not your average chapter on sales.  It is not about sales strategies or management, rather it covers how to use eCommerce to augment sales of your business, and other timely sale topics.

I also cover the concept of the sales trough and how to model and plan for sales growth.  Not understanding the costs of added sales resources and the time it takes for cash invested to turn into a sale, then a collected receipt can leave your business in worse shape than it would be without the sales.

With a little planning, you will be able to get the results you planned in your next growth initiative.

Inventory and Pricing

This chapter provides you real tools to evaluate your inventory and pricing and shows you how in an afternoon you can improve your cash flow and customer satisfaction.

High-value statistical methods are simplified so that you can make inroads into two critical areas of your business Price and Inventory.

Concepts Covered

  • The one product analysis method
  • Price sensitivity
  • Blended price increases
  • The psychology of pricing

This chapter if implemented can increase your net profit by2-5% in as little as 90 days.  How is that for ROI on a $5.49 eBook?

Financial Modeling

This chapter covers techniques the most MBAs learn for creating the models and plans needed for raising capital.  You will learn how to build these models with the spreadsheets I provide so if your plan is to go for big money you will look like a pro.

I also provide examples and show you how to use a unique business modeling system that allows you to test assumptions with dozens of variables.  Instead of trying to figure out two or three “what if” scenarios this method will simulate 50,000 random iterations and then give you the probability of the business outcome.  A true game changer that if included in your planning will give you hard numbers to apply to risk and potential business outcomes.


With profits come taxes.  This chapter covers some of the ways that your business acts as a legal shelter from taxation as well as the timing and types of taxes you pay as a business owner.  This is an area where new business owners can get caught off guard and this chapter helps to cut through the confusion.

What Now?

The last chapter summarizes the book and outlines some next steps for you as a business owner.

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