The Business Owner’s Compendium

The Business Owner’s Compendium


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Includes Mobi & Epub files

The one business book that won’t collect dust on your bookshelf.

The Compendium will be your dog eared, highlighted and post it noted companion on your entrepreneurial journey.

The compendium is written for the soloprenuers and small business owners that need just enough theory to answer the why, and easy actionable practices to get results faster.

Take the slope out of the learning curve and learn how to navigate the ups and downs of operating a small business from a book that taps into the collective wisdom of everyday business owners working on the most important business in the world, the one they own.

In the Compendium, you will

  • Learn why and how to assess risk and how to protect and reward yourself.
  • be shown realistic paths to owning or starting a business.
  • learn how to get financial command of your business whether you don’t know how to read a balance sheet or your looking to raise a million dollars.
  • get realistic finance options for your venture and how to secure them.
  • get tools to sustain operational control of your business so it works for you not the other way around
  • get personal time management and planning systems focused on the biggest constraint of your business the owner’s time.

It’s more than a book you also get lifetime access to the files and spreadsheets shown in the book to get you up and running fast, no matter what your comfort level you have with finance, operations, or the business size or age of your venture


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