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Learn How to Build a Fan Nurturing Engine

The Game Already Changed …

but this one fundamental truth hasn’t.

The Game will change again, but it won’t matter to you, because your business will be built on a foundation immune to scammers, terms of service changes and tricksy marketing.

If you’re not building your indie publishing business around the only thing that matters you will never get the full value out of your work – or worse you’ll lose all you’ve gained.

What is this one truth?

That your customers are all that matter. They are the source of all the revenue and the one who meets their needs best will extract the most profit from them. Learn how to be the One.

Get the Blueprint for the Customer Nurturing Engine


This book also goes into detail on how to build a direct sales platform to deliver the value your fans demand and attain the most value in exchange. More than having an e-commerce site that sells books you will learn how to create processes to delight readers.

You will learn a system of Attraction, Retention, Nurturing, and Pruning that will help you segment your customers and understand the value you can deliver to each segment.

How much money would you make next year if your first book read through increased by 25%?

Would you like to get all your pre-order money 48 hours after you announce the pre-orders are open?

Would you like to increase your gross margins?

Would you like to have simple conversion data on your advertising?

All of this is attainable if you implement the concepts in Supercharge Your Fans.

The book dives deep into the creation of a direct sales platform where you will develop the strongest relationships possible with your most profitable customers.

This isn’t the same marketing and ads material you can get elsewhere. In fact, some of the ideas are so challenging to the current convention that many authors will not be able to see their power.

That’s OK because you’ve built your brand on challenging convention and taking a calculated risk to always be a step ahead of the herd.

Supercharge Your Fans is all about building a stronger business by taking responsibility for your customer relationship and building a system that treats them like royalty delivering a unique customer experience that attracts the prosperity you deserve.

This book is only available here. Order now and if your not 100% satisfied you can get all your money back! Even if you have read the whole book.


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