Over the years I have developed a toolbox. Some of these tools I have developed some are made by others but all help to keep a business on-course or grow. Where possible the tools listed are free others have a cost associated with them. All of these tools I use and have found to be of value.

In some cases, the links are affiliate links. I will get a referral fee at no extra cost to you. These referral fees help to subsidize the expenses of this site.



Do You Forecast Sales?

If you are a company of one (you) or 100 sales people your ability to estimate future sales is critical for business planning.  The thing is forecasting sales is hard and even the most sophisticated CRM systems don’t give reliable results.  Download the NO OBLIGATION* spreadsheet and begin using it to project your sales with certainty.

What is different about this sheet is how it uses statistical methods to give you 1000 forecasts in an instant then aggregates that data to be meaningful to you.



No obligation means you don’t have to give an email.  Just go use the work and get better results in your business.


Wonder what your business is worth?

Rather than spend thousands of dollars on a valuation try our valuation mini course and learn the exact same process that a valuation firm or private equity firm uses to value a business.  Over five days we will walk you through how to value your business, how to demonstrate it’s value and how to get the valuation up when you have been hiding the value to keep your taxes down.

This is a great way to begin to plan your exit and figure out what your hard work is now worth.



I am a big fan of Leadpages.  If you are just starting with an idea and want to figure out if it will fly then I suggest using this product.

Why? Simple

You can build quick and easy landing pages that are beautiful and functional, meaning you can get your message out and collect e-mails.  If you are just starting a search fund or testing out the market for an app or product you can do it all from Leadpages, they host the pages, serve files for lead magnets, they even can capture leads but you should use an email service provider for that.

They also have phenomenal content in support of their product.  I suggest that you look at the Pro version it comes with lead digits.  If you regularly pitch at events or do podcasts you can provide a text function where you can tell the audience to text a keyword to a text number and then deliver a lead magnet.  I have found when presenting if I include a lead digit for my slides to be emailed to participants this I pick up numerous leads.  Best of all they include the leads mobile phone.  -A Golden Lead!


If you do need a website with your own domain name and the ability to do some configuration and customization I highly recommend using Bluehost and doing a WordPress install.  While you can get a WordPress site for free at it has very limited functionality and they retain rights to post ads on your site.  Even the pay sites have very limited function and access to plugins.  The WordPress install is included as is the domain name and a bunch of themes when you go with Bluehost.  This site is hosted by them and I have been very happy with the service.



YES, your read that – THE MOST VALUABLE ASSET!

Why?  First, email remains the most responsive tool, where it may eventually be overtaken by texts it still gets a good response and has a low cost to run.  When used properly this can be a very effective tool for nurturing leads and can comprise the majority of the heavy lifting in your funnel.  No matter what you’re up to, selling a product, a service, raising money or searching for a business to buy email can be a powerful tool.  Check out the resources below to get the most from your email.


By far the most used ESP (email service provider), it is free up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month.  This will take you a long way.  The paid features bring in automation and reporting.  For a start up you will go a long way with the free program.  This connected to Leadpages gets you an excellent lead capture system.

FREE Video & Screen Capture for Email

This is a great tool and you may have seen me use it in some of the content I have created.  I class this with email as part of your email marketing and a way to differentiate.  For Search Funders build out an introduction and indoctrination campaign with video.  Since your selling yourself this is a great way to do it.  Also, you can see who has been watching your video.



If you have been following Joe Solari and Craig Martelle’s Vlog’s on the business of writing then you have seen the business model and tracker.  To download the file click here or to the left the GET THE FILE header.  It’s free.


As an independent publisher, you need to get a consistent flow of interested customers to see your book. And the answer is short and sweet: Keywords.

Any Amazon shopper looking for a new book is going to type in a search phrase and buy based on what Amazon shows them. That means if your book is showing up when the right search terms are typed in, then the right people will see it at the moment they want to buy.

But you can’t just guess what people are typing in – you have to know a few things first:
-What are people searching for and how many are typing those keywords in?
-How much money are books making from certain search terms?
-How competitive is the market and is there enough space for you?

Answering those questions takes a lot of time, money, and research. That is, if you do it on your own. But now there’s a tool that can give you all of those answers in a matter of seconds…

Hands Down the Best Research Tool for Authors

By analyzing a massive database of Amazon keywords, KDP Rocket can tell you what people are searching for on Amazon, how much money they’re spending in a certain niche market, and even how intense the competition is.

Then KDP Rocket will custom make a marketing plan that is as cost-effective and efficient as possible, allowing you to save while driving sales like never before.

With such a vivid snapshot of the Amazon landscape, you can easily identify a profitable niche with little competition and a lot of customer interest, then write a book on that exact subject!

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